MCM COVID Thank you!!

Dear Friends of MCM ~ A week ago we sent out an urgent request for the families on our MCM program who were, because of government lockdowns, going without food. We have never had such an immediate need and WOW! we were amazed by God’s faithfulness and the generosity and kindness of your response! We […]

Dear Friends of Mountain Children’s Ministry

This week I was sickened to learn that the Leadership Council of our village came to MCM’s Executive Director, Ivan, and reported many families with children on our program were going without food. COVID 19 and subsequent government lockdown of public transport of food as well as resulting escalating food prices has our families trapped […]


Thanks so much for keeping me in your prayers! I have been in Uganda now for one week and I hope to be keeping you up to date on a weekly basis. Good Luck to me! Today we have had no power all day, of course. TIA! “This is Africa” So I am attempting the […]

Four Suitcases

If I were to tell you the white suburban housewife in the picture above at the O’Hare International Terminal was going to fly overseas and be gone for 4 weeks, the 4 suitcases you see stacked up on her cart would make a lot of sense. After all, 4 weeks overseas! You need clothing options, […]

From Family to Family

Well, I have arrived at the final countdown before leaving for Uganda tomorrow at 4:30 pm. I am all packed (sort of) and all ready to go (almost) and wanting to let you know I so appreciate your prayers! Please pray that I am in the center of God’s will and not wandering off somewhere, […]


MCM helps orphans and vulnerable children living within their nuclear “family” homes. Often these guardians are relatives; a widowed parent, a grand parent, aunt, uncle or family friend. These people are Rock Stars, really! I enjoy visiting the children and their guardians in their homes. I like to go because I am interested in everything […]


This white house is NOT the Mountain Children’s Ministry home. It is a home built on Ivan’s property that belongs to Ivan who happens to serve as Executive Director for MCM. It is where he lives with his 4 orphaned children from Kampala that he brought with him to Kabale who call him “Daddy”. Although […]

Three little Bakigas

These three little ones are Butekumwa Village children. I photographed them along the road we were walking as we were going to the home of four children that we sponsor. Although dirty, shy, and uncertain about the Muzungu “white person” they still manage to shine; their joy, contagious. They are delightful these mountain children…they follow […]

The Blessing

Ivan is the fourth of eight children, the third son. Although both his parents grew up in Mparo, in the Kabale district, they left that area after they were married and raised their family in the big city. After being touched by the great needs of the children in the rural mountian area, Ivan turned […]

Sheila and Tonny

One of the most delightful “jobs” I have as the American liason for Mountain Children’s Ministry is meeting and interviewing the children of the village that our Executive Director, Ivan, has deemed appropriate for sponsorhip. Okay, I confess…THE most delightful job! Meet Sheila and Tonny, sister and brother, 4 and 2 years old. These two […]

My Hero

People who decide to read my blogs will quickly discover that Mpeirwe Ivan Twinomucunguzi is one of my heros and I will never grow tired of writing about the many ways his life speaks to me of Jesus. I met Ivan in March of 2008 when I began my service with another non profit organization. […]


July 1, 2012 I took my first trip to the Kabale district in the mountains of southwest Uganda. I accompanied my sponsorship lead and friend, Ivan on this journey with his Mum, brothers, and best friend. It was our gift to Ivan for his 35th birthday, an opportunity to visit his home village 500 km […]