Our Mission

Mountain Children’s Ministry (“MCM”) is an American not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious and educational purposes. Its ministry is focused on helping vulnerable children and families in rural Africa by sharing the love of Jesus through acts of love, generosity and encouragement. MCM works with and operates as friends of the Ugandan certified Community Based Organization also called Mountain Children’s Ministry based in the rural mountain area of the Kabale District of southwest Uganda.

MCM supports the Ugandan Mountain Children’s Ministry through a monthly sponsorship program which keeps orphans with their guardians in a nuclear family environment rather than institutionalizing the orphans. This money goes directly for school tuition, uniforms, books and supplies as well as medical care, food and clothing as needed. In those rare instances where extended family or guardians are not available for the child, MCM works with the Ugandan organization to provide funding for temporary housing with the goal of placing them in a nuclear family as soon as possible. MCM also provides financial support for community development to help build self-sustainability initiatives such as clean water wells, solar power, and farming. These efforts help build a stronger village and stronger families who can then provide homes to orphaned and vulnerable children.