Newsletter: Dec 2019


Greetings and many blessings to you this Christmas season! Once again I am writing this filled with gratitude for all the support, wisdom and prayers so many of you have given so generously to MCM this year. Thank you! The photo above is a very special memory for me. It shows our Annabel, an orphan having lost both her parents by age 10, surrounded on her graduation day. All these people are Annabel’s “village”. Together at her godmother’s home we ate good food purchased by Ellen her sponsor and prepared by family and friends. Together we gave speeches celebrating Annabel’s perseverance, good choices and against-all-odds impressive victory. Together we cut the cake and danced around the tiny living room jumping and hooting our happiness for this bright young lady’s future. Together.

God gave Annabel every person pictured to stand with her through the various challenges of her journey. Everyone loved and supported her over the finish line. Many more will join her as she moves forward finding work, starting a family and living her best life together with God. We are no different. All of us need the support and encouragement and love of others for every season of our journeys too. This is why we are now encouraging the opportunity to give towards our MCM Higher Education Fund, to be a Difference Maker, a Giver who stands with our higher education candidates to ensure EVERYONE wins

When I think about the Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I also think, “together”. Each one self emptying into the other for the joy of it, flowing out like rivers; replenished like the seas. Such a beautiful picture of how we are all to live – joyfully giving, gratefully receiving, always growing in Love. Together. May the Joy of the Lord be with you as you are “Together with your people” celebrating the birth of Jesus in the next weeks!

Blessings ~michele 🙂