Newsletter: Dec 2020


Wow! What a year 2020 has turned out to be! The headlines today (mid-November) claimed the highest number of COVID cases since the outbreak in March. Just when you think we are getting a handle on this virus, the numbers surge again. Very frustrating and a real opportunity to grow in our ability to be less controlling and more trusting.

Once again, as in the June MCM Newsletter, I choose to focus on the positive. At a time when Americans were least certain of their economic future, I was forced by our COVID circumstances to put out an urgent request for donations for food for our children and villagers who were starving as a result of the Uganda lockdown. And you did not disappoint! Thank you to all who responded so generously with the resources and prayers to feed our children and their families. You got us through October – a VERY difficult, life-threatening time and we were so blessed! We hope you consider giving towards more COVID food distribution as the virus is on the rise in our villages.

We also have COVID and your generosity to thank for a brand new library. Without the virus causing all of our children and teens to be sent home from school, we would not have had assistance for our builders. Our village children came to the worksite daily and offered their help digging the foundation, moving rocks for a floor, carrying water for mixing cement, and running errands. Our vocational students in construction and carpentry came to help build door frames and further learn their trades with professionals at the library construction site. We thank those who donated towards the building, tables, shelves, books, and computers too. It is only God who could raise up such a positive, educational, unheard-of-before-in- our-area library DURING a worldwide pandemic!

Finally, on a personal note, because of COVID and the lockdown on air travel, I have not been allowed to travel to Uganda since January. VERY sad face! Instead, our God who transforms all things opened the door for Mark and me to move from Illinois to Michigan and simplify our lives. This was nothing short of miraculous considering over 35 years of “stuff” needing to be sorted, purged, and moved. I could never have done it without the extra time I unexpectedly had not traveled to my beloved Uganda. More good from “bad”. PLEASE note our new MCM mailing address – 1609 Jerome St, Holland, MI 49423.

All these examples to highlight the absolute best of our God! We have witnessed “glorious unfolding from ashes”. We pause and acknowledge the lives lost, the jobs lost, the friends and families who continue to pay dearly during this pandemic. There has been much sadness and loss. Then we raise our faces and look to our Father in Heaven, trusting He is the giver of all good gifts. Praying alongside you for the healing of our world and the growth of love always.

Many many blessings to you all and Merry Christmas!
~ Mummy Michele 🙂