Newsletter: December 2014


Thank you for your prayers, your interest and your generous support of MCM this year! Ivan and I have put together a brief overview of this year’s highlights. I laugh at the word ‘brief’ considering its length but the truth is it has been severely edited. I have given you only the bare bones. More details will come in blogs and posts.

MCM US is now recognized as an official, tax exempt, non-profit orga- nization in the eyes of the IRS. Two separate entities, MCM US partners with MCM UG to help support her mission to vulnerable children in rural Uganda. Therefore, this newsletter has been divided into MCM US and MCM UG news. I am writing page one about the US and Ivan, our Executive
Director in Uganda, shares UG news on pages 2,3,and 4.

These girls are sisters. Savious (left) and Promise (right) have been waiting since May for someone to choose to make a difference in their lives. The last two times Ivan distributed letters from sponsors these sisters were left out because there were no sponsors to write to them. Ivan had sad little girls to deal with. Please, if you feel tugging in your heart to sacrifice $1.40 a day and write a loving letter a couple times a year I invite you to the most inexpensive, educational, wonderful experience in making a difference in the world! Please pray. Please give. Please share love. Check our website, and click on “Sponsor A Child” to see all your opportunities, please.

Blessings ~michele 🙂