Newsletter: June 2015


Once again we find ourselves thanking you for all your prayers and support to this ministry and to the children of Kabale district in southwest Uganda. God is good, you are generous and we have much news to share!

In the past 6 months we have added more children to the program, more children to our monthly Bible study, a play- ground, 6 acres of farmland, a hen house, 285 chickens, one pig, a new House Mum, a new Project Manager and our first university candidate. There was a Christmas/New Year’s Party attended by 180 children! The piggery and barbed wire fence surrounding it were completed. MCM – UG was able to purchase 2 plots of land suitable for more farming or building. All this in addition to the care of our sponsored children. Ivan, MCM’s Executive Director, will fill you in on these additions on the next page. It is mind-boggling all the blessings God has poured out on us!

MCM – USA has a welcome addition this year as well. Lauren Howard is entering her senior year in college and has volunteered to help MCM this summer as our first Intern. She is a bright, gentle, kind young lady who is giving MCM a boost into the 21st century with her computer skills and young new ideas! Grateful does not even begin to describe how I feel about Lauren’s help! What a gift she has been!

I am most excited to share about Pastor Peter, MCM’s new Project Manager. He is MCM-UG’s third staff member and an amazing blessing to us! He was originally hired part time to care for the pigs but with adding 285 chickens he agreed to also care for them. The man is a humble, godly servant, wonderful with animals and a skilled carpen- ter. Quick to smile and a very hard worker he even made his bed on the ground with our chicks to be certain they were warm and well cared for. Ps Peter has a wife and three little girls at home ranging in ages from 3 to 7 years old. He also has a parish and preaches most Sundays. Although he speaks little english, he helped build the hen house with my husband Mark; he inspired and lifted me during a low point; and he shares Jesus by his actions as much as his words to all the children. We are thankful! How rewarding to create jobs so hard workers can feed their families!

Another fun development was the addition of the new playground. Pastor Sam encouraged Deliverance Church who then donated some land to the children of MCM. The ground (which rises up the mountain) was not level so one Saturday 90 children (only 60 are sponsored) brought hoes and dug, flattening that whole area! Ivan fed them a good beef and rice dinner that day too. It is being used as a “Football” field (American soccer), “Net Ball” court (sort of like basketball) and a “Volleyball” court too. Now whenever I talk to Ivan from the MCM office I can hear children laugh- ing and playing in the background. What a joy! The first playground in the village!

Once again, how can we ever thank you enough?! We keep you in our prayers and encourage each to come to Kabale like Mark did and listen and learn! It is powerful!

Blessings ~michele 🙂