Newsletter: June 2016


Thanking God for this opportunity to reflect back these past six months on MCM’s blessings. Ivan and I are so grateful to God for our sponsors, our ministry friends and our supporting churches. We are also grateful for good health, for steady growth and for necessary changes. We are stretching with the unique challenges God allows to build our faith and trust in His goodness. We find ourselves moving towards “Welcoming All” circumstances, especially unexpected detours. We are learning it is all from God who often transforms us even more profoundly through the trials. I can say, humbled, “It is all grace.”

Ivan and I deeply appreciate all the gifts given in response to our December Newsletter. Thank you for the opportunity to add more solar power to homes in Kabale! Thank you for scholarship money for 20 additional unsponsored children to attend school
as well as preparing for our upcoming university candidates! Thank you for funds to expand our piggery because of six brand new piglets and another two pregnant sows! Thank you for your generous gifts towards our HUGE (187 children alone) Christmas party in February! Your giving has gone FAR in this tiny Ugandan village.

Also, Thank you for resources to do something new. This February, for the first time, we were in a position to invite a sick Mum, her baby and a teen girl to live at Ivan’s home in Butekumwa. Of course this began with Ivan. His big heart saw their difficult situations and he phoned to ask if MCM could help in providing for them while they lived at his home. As he spoke I remembered my first visit to his home in 2012 in its initial construction stages; piles of bricks everywhere. Back then Ivan was concerned it was too big. We discussed how God had designed his home and God would someday fill it. Now I realized “someday” had arrived. Because of your gifts we could provide and we were honored to do so! All three are doing so much better after suffering malnutrition, sickness and homelessness. They have found a place to call home for now.

Other changes and advances have also been happening as Ivan elaborates in his update. Enjoy our stories of God’s goodness! Thank you for sharing in our adventure and for keeping us in your prayers and for your continued generosity to MCM!

Blessings ~michele 🙂