Newsletter: Jun 2020


I thank God for the privilege of being in our Ugandan farming village with these precious little angels as they pour their hearts out in prayer. If there is such a thing as a “pipeline to heaven”, there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that our babies have it.

These children do not pray for superfluous things. They literally ask their Abba for food, for clean water, for help at school, for their sick guardian to be healed, for crops to grow, for rain to come or for floods to stop. They are “give us this day” prayers. And now, with their schools closed, the transportation of crops halted, social isolation and the threat of death by coronavirus causing panic and fear, our children in Uganda are praying for their very lives.

At this writing in late April only 78 cases of the virus have been reported in Uganda. Thankfully the President was very proactive with his strict country and border lockdown. But just yesterday news of infected truckers getting past the borders and into the Kabale mountains where we live was in the news. I do not know what will have happened between now and when you receive this newsletter in June. We are praying God protect them and their guardians, most of whom are grandparents.

If this disease takes off it will be devastating because Uganda’s Healthcare is also sick. The entire country has only 55 functional beds in the 12 ICU’s being operated. Of the 12 operational ICU’s only 3 are in public hospitals. An additional 20 of the 55 beds have no ventilatory capacity. That is 1.3 ICU beds per million population. And if those statistics are not frightening enough, only 7.6% of ICU staff nurses have some sort of formal ICU training (Daily Monitor; March 18, 2020).

So yes…Please pray for our children and their guardians in Uganda. Please pray for our Executive Director, Ivan and his family. Please pray for our MCM-UG Board, our supporting church, our counselors and teachers and pastors and friends. Pray for Kabale. Please, as you never have before, please pray as God leads you. God is faithful and good. He heals and He is powerful. He has overcome death and nothing can separate us from His Love. He suffers with us and never will leave us nor forsake us. We are expecting miracles and trusting Him no matter what. After all….Love wins.

In this June 2020 Newsletter we have chosen to focus on the positive and look forward in hope. Thank you for all of your wonderful support and prayers as always!

Blessings ~michele 🙂