Claire Kyasimiire

Your monthly support of $42 (or $500 per year) per child allows an orphaned child to get the help they need. Education, clothing, emergency health care and additional “safety nets” as well as being connected into a family environment are all provided with your gift. In return, you will be building a relationship with a child who will be forever grateful.

  • BD: March 26, 2008
  • Class: Primary Six, P. 6
  • School: Kihanga Girls School
  • Guardians: Olivia Musinguzi (Mum), Agaba John (Father – absent)
  • Village: Kiyogore
  • Interview: April 2018 (Ivan)
  • Goal: Nurse
  • Bible Story: The Ten Commandments

Family History: Claire’s father left her mother when she was pregnant with Claire. He has not been heard from since and the family does not even know if he is alive. Claire’s mother is now bringing her children up as a single parent and it has been a challenge since her income only comes from manual farm labor. Claire is in Primary Six, has two siblings and wants to become a nurse.