Gift Katushabe

Your monthly support of $42 (or $500 per year) per child allows an orphaned child to get the help they need. Education, clothing, emergency health care and additional “safety nets” as well as being connected into a family environment are all provided with your gift. In return, you will be building a relationship with a child who will be forever grateful.

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  • BD: November 30, 2003
  • School: Kihanga Girls Primary School
  • Class: Primary seven – P.7
  • Guardian: Allen (mother) and Justus (father)
  • Village: Butekumwa
  • Interview Date: March 2014 (put on waiting list) February 2017 (ma michele)
  • Child’s Goal: Lawyer

Family History: Gift’s parents are both alive but her father is unhealthy and unable to work. Because of his illness the parents are not financially able to care for the children. The mother does the digging and manual labor to support the family.