Ivan Mpumuzze

Your monthly support of $42 (or $500 per year) per child allows an orphaned child to get the help they need. Education, clothing, emergency health care and additional “safety nets” as well as being connected into a family environment are all provided with your gift. In return, you will be building a relationship with a child who will be forever grateful.

  • BD: June 27, 2012
  • Class: Primary Two, P. 2
  • School: Kihanga Boys School
  • Guardians: Roma Atamba (Mum – guardian), Father – deceased
  • Village: Ssindi
  • Interview: April 2018 (Ivan)
  • Goal: Doctor

Family History: Ivan’s father died of sickness in 2014. His mother (Roma) is a peasant farmer and her husband left her with no land ownership so she went back to her parents house after the passing of Ivan’s father. Roma digs other peoples land for survival. Ivan has two older brothers…the first one has quit school.