Jessica Kebirungi

Your monthly support of $42 (or $500 per year) per child allows an orphaned child to get the help they need. Education, clothing, emergency health care and additional “safety nets” as well as being connected into a family environment are all provided with your gift. In return, you will be building a relationship with a child who will be forever grateful.

  • BD: November 10, 2010
  • Class: Priamry Three, P. 3
  • School: Kihanga Girls School
  • Guardians: Kate Kyomuhendo (guardian – grandma) Maureen Ainembabazi (mum – deceased), Father – name unknown (deceased)
  • Village: Kibare
  • Interview: April 2018 (Ivan)
  • Goal: Nurse
  • Favorite Bible Story: loves “Joseph’s dreams of thin cows eating the fat ones”

Family History: Jessica lost her mother when she was two years old as she was giving birth to her sibling. Unfortunately her father also to passed soon after due to a motor vehicle accident. Jessica and her little sister have been staying with her grandmother since. She is in Primary Three and wants to become a nurse.