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  • Birthdate: May 20, 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Class: Primary Six, P.6
  • School: Child Africa Primary School
  • Guardians: Rosa Matsiko (Mum) and George Matsiko (Dad)
  • Village: Rutooma
  • Interview: February 2018 (ma Michele)… January 2023 (ma)
  • Goal: Math Teacher
  • Favorite Subject: Math
  • Favorite Bible Verse: Ps 118:6

Family History:

From 2018 – Jackson is the youngest of seven children. His older brother is a brittle diabetic and his oldest sister was in a motorbike accident (2017) which left her hospitalized for months. Both these older siblings used up school fee funds with medical care so Jackson did not  attend school in 2017 at all. His Mum Rosa operates a small canteen and his father George is a peasant farmer and digs other people’s land for small income.

2023 – Jackson was sponsored from 2018 to 2022 when COVID job loss caused his sponsor to decline. He was progressing well in 2018 but then his rank dropped in 2019 unexpectedly. MCM boarded him in 2020 but after 6 weeks the country (and all schools) shut down for over 2 years with COVID. Jackson was forced to skip ahead to P. 6 after being off school 2 years and he failed. He is repeating P.6 in 2023.

2017 – Did not attend school – no tuition fees

2018 – Kihanga Boys Primary School – P. 3, rank – 30th out of 56

2019 – KBPS – P. 4, rank – 41st out of 58

2020 – Moved to boarding @ Child Africa – P. 5 – COVID lockdown

2021 – COVID lockdown

2022 – Child Africa – P. 6 no progress result

2023 – Child Africa – P. 6 repeat

Jackson T.


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