William Mukamayebare

Your monthly support of $42 (or $500 per year) per child allows an orphaned child to get the help they need. Education, clothing, emergency health care and additional “safety nets” as well as being connected into a family environment are all provided with your gift. In return, you will be building a relationship with a child who will be forever grateful.

    • BD: August 29, 2013
    • Class: Primary One, P. 1
    • School: Kihanga Boys Primary School
    • Guardians: Marga Bitekyerezo (mum), Merida Kwesiga (grandma, mother of mum)
    • Village: Ssindi
    • Interview: January 2020
    • Goal: Driver of a “moto car”
    • Favorite subject in school math
    • Bible Story: all stories about angels

    Family History: William’s mother, Marga, was working in the capital city of Kampala (a 7 hour bus ride from the village) and got pregnant. Nothing is known of the father. When it was time for the birth, she returned to her home village of Ssindi, had William and then left him at age 8 months with her mum Merida. Once in awhile Marga comes to visit but has never provided anything for the child. William has been brought up by Merida since a tender age surviving on cow milk. His grandmother is a peasant farmer and earns little, his grandfather is deceased. Merida is also responsible for supporting two other primary school age grandchildren.