News Update

After a two-year shutdown, Ugandan schools are reopening. Sadly, compounding the lost schooling, it is estimated that 30% of Ugandan school-children will not be returning to school due to their joining the workforce, pregnancies, and the permanent closure of some schools. Read the article from the January 10th issue of the New York Times here.

Yet Mountain Children’s Ministry’s continuous involvement in our kids’ lives has resulted in 100% returning to school (and no pregnancies)! In addition, MCM’s God’s Joy Library stocked textbooks used by the schools and hired a primary teacher to minimize the educational losses of those two years of shutdown. Your support truly makes a difference in these children’s lives!


Mountain Children's Ministry

Mountain Children’s Ministry seeks to offer hope and a future to vulnerable children and families,
sharing the love of God in the mountainous Kabale region of Uganda. 


Help Build Hope

Research proves sponsored children have improved outcomes as adults in education, employment, income & leadership.

Community development offers support & hope to families and children 

MCM strives to increase dignity & ownership with self sustainability projects which add income to our program & provide jobs to villagers.


Annabella’s Story

Annabella was determined to go to school, despite losing both parents by age ten and living with her grandma who could barely afford food let alone school fees.


Serving Rural Uganda

Ministry to the children in rural Uganda began with a visit to the mountains of Kabale by Michele Pageau and Mpeirwe Ivan in July of 2012. At that time, with a combined work history of 17 years of caring for African orphans, Michele and Ivan recognized the needs of children made destitute and vulnerable because of HIV/AIDS, malaria, dysentery and civil war. They were also alarmed at how little was being done specifically in this rural area.

On their first morning hike in the mountains, watching the clouds rise from the valley, both Ivan and Michele felt God’s call to serve here. As a result, in January 2013 Ivan quit his job and moved to Kabale to begin Mountain Children’s Ministry – Uganda, incorporating self-sustainability programs from the start. Simultaneously, Michele began MCM – USA as a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization to come alongside and support MCM – Uganda with a child sponsorship program.