Bringing Dignity and Creating Jobs

Increasing self-sustainability is essential for our villagers’ dignity, ownership, and guarding against creating dependency. It is our goal that MCM – Uganda grows more each year in its ability to self-sustain through programs in transportation and farming.

MCM children learn self-reliance, practical skills and work ethic: Our kids, especially those who are housed with us because they have no family to take them in, are asked to help out with our projects. They take pride in contributing to, not just receiving from, MCM. In addition to the practical skills they gain, they learn the value and reward of hard work.

Support employment: MCM employs a number of adults from the village to take care of our on-site children and facilities and manage our transportation and agricultural endeavors.

Sharing our resources: The transportation (boda and taxi) program provides much needed transportation for our villagers whose only other option is walking or, if they are fortunate, a bicycle. Our agricultural projects provide food for on-site children and MCM staff, and are also available to assist local families in dire need.


Self-Sustaining Initiatives

Self-sufficiency of the Ugandan mission has been a priority for a long time: we do not want to turn to our U.S. sponsors and supporters all the time, dependent on their generosity. We have tried and experimented with many animal husbandry projects, farms, fields and other ideas. Although some have provided a bit of income, none had resulted in reliable and substantial income until we tried this motorbike business.

God has been blessing MCM through the generosity of our donors with our Boda-Taxi self-sustainability program since February 2022, when we started with just four motorbikes (bodas). After the above photo was taken in April, we added three more bodas making our total 15 motorbikes and 2 taxi cars.  After two plus years running the boda income-generating program, we now support 165 primary students independent of the MCM-USA sponsorship program.  We believe someday this ministry will be largely self-sustaining in the hands of our gifted Ugandan partners, blessing their orphaned children of Kabale by the grace of God.  It was a new adventure we had never tried before but we have been delighted at how well it has gone and the fruits it has borne in our community.  

Our  goal is to own enough bodas and taxis to generate the income required to put at least 100 local children in Primary School, PLUS pay the salary of MCM administration AND purchase more motorbikes and cars as the current fleet requires replacements. At this writing the Boda program supports 165 children in school, although it does not yet bring enough income to cover administrative or vehicle replacement costs. Full self-sustainability here is a  a “BHAG” = A “Big Holy Audacious Goal!”

Boda & Taxi Transportation Program

MCM owns a fleet of boda (motorbike) taxis leased to local drivers. With this project, we are able to provide employment to drivers and transportation to villagers, as well as start something new: giving a primary school education to more than 160 additional children who do not have sponsors and are struggling with poverty.

Farming Program

MCM owns 4.8 acres of fertile land on which we have grown beans, Irish potatoes, sorghum and cabbage in season. 100 banana trees planted in January 2021 are providing a regular and bountiful harvest.