Our Vision

Mountain Children’s Ministry seeks to offer hope and a future to vulnerable children and families, sharing the love of God in the mountainous Kabale region of Uganda.

We believe children who learn they are loved by others and by God, and receive health care and education, will grow up with hope of improved lives for themselves and those they love. This hope will confirm they matter and encourage them to persist in becoming the people they dream of being. Hope for children lifts hope for the entire community, which is further strengthened by community development projects.


Our Mission

Our mission is achieved through a sponsorship program which keeps orphaned and destitute children with their guardians in a family environment rather than institutionalizing them. Sponsorship funds of $50 per month are applied directly for school tuition, uniforms, books and supplies, as well as medical care, food and clothing as needed. In those rare instances where extended family or guardians are not available for the child, we provide for temporary housing with the goal of placing the child in a family as soon as possible. Ivan and Michele, the Directors, consult constantly to ensure that each child’s care and schooling are tailored to their specific circumstances rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach.

We also conduct community development projects to provide our children and the village with empowering resources such as a library, clean water wells and solar power, as well as self-sustainability agricultural initiatives. These efforts help build a stronger village and stronger families who can then provide homes to orphaned and vulnerable children.


Our Values

The Power of Love: Each child knows that God and their sponsor love and care for them as an individual person, and that our directors “Uncle Ivan” and “Ma Michele” do too.

Life-Changing Hope: Each child, knowing their sponsor loves, believes in and prays for them as well as supports their education receives hope they are valuable which inspires them to learn and grow.

Belonging: Sponsored children live, whenever possible, with extended family, where strong bonds of familial love are fostered. This is maintained and strengthened by sponsorship support which relieves the financial burdens of caring for an additional child.

Dignity & Empowerment: Our dairy, poultry, piggery and other farming initiatives generate income working towards the self-sustainability of our Ugandan mission. These programs reinforce dignity, ownership and a strong work ethic in our children.

Individuality of Each Child – Our directors confer constantly to tailor each child’s schooling and other assistance to their particular talents, needs and aspirations.

Community: Child, family and community are integrally linked, so that the health and well-being of one lifts all.