JUNE, 2021

MCM Newsletter

God's Faithfulness through Health Crises

Dear Friends

I took this photo in 2013 on an early morning walk to the clothesline to hang up our  children’s freshly washed laundry. They left for school running and laughing down the  hill and I was tired. My alarm jolted me up while it was dark and I had to use my  flashlight to then wake the kids up. Getting ready in the dark is chaotic and teens can  be frustrating, so I was ready to climb back in my warm bed and return to sleep when I  discovered all the wet clothes had been left by the door. I carried them out into the cold  mountain air feeling sorry for myself. When I rounded the side of the house these  double rainbows (photo above) greeted me. God in nature – stops me in my tracks  every time. No matter my circumstances, I must stop and marvel and thank God,  again! 

This is how I am feeling about MCM at this point in history. Rudely blasted out of my  comfort zone and finding my way in a dark, chaotic time. I’m tired, frustrated and then  delightfully surprised by God – in the end marveling and grateful. As Ivan will share in  his update on the following pages MCM has entered a season of trusting God through  dark times. In November 2020 our 16 year old Phabi had emergency brain cancer  surgery; in January 2021 our 14 year old Bridget was scheduled for surgery to correct  severe bilateral arm pain; in February our 17 year old Imon was diagnosed with an eye disease that will render him blind in a few years and in March our 15 year old Mark had  an Echocardiogram which revealed such severe heart damage he needs open heart surgery in May. Villagers are still in need of COVID food support and it has now been 16  months since I have returned to Uganda and my babies. 

And yet…not one but two rainbows!

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