Ugandan Coveralls

This picture makes me smile! These are our boys in “Coveralls” – the Ugandan auto mechanic’s uniform. Meet Caleb (left, 22 years old) and Aron his brother (right, 19 years old) who are finishing up vocational school apprenticeships in auto repair this year. I know these young men well. They grab me up in big […]

Bring the Rain!

(The man) answered…”But if You can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” “If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Immediately the (man) exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9: 22-24 A few weeks ago Ivan our Executive Director solemnly shared that the East […]

No Words…

It’s been a week since I came back from my first trip to Kabale Uganda to visit our team at Mountain Children’s Ministry. That sounds a little weird to say “team” since Ivan Twino is our only official “staff” person. However , in the short period of time he and his kids have been there,  […]

Numbers Don’t Mean Everything….

Because of what I do for a living (lead a sales team at Darwill ), numbers are a key way I measure the successes (or not) my team is having in a given week or month. I will look at activity such as meetings, quotes etc and eventually I have to look at the […]

The Harvest

The Harvest … is plentiful but the workers are few. Matthew 9:37 I must admit that if you accuse me, in this blog, of sounding like a proud, bragging Mum you will not be far from the truth. In fact you will be exactly correct! This is the season for harvesting in Kabale, Uganda and […]


In 1988 Ivan’s parents felt a call for revival in their village and gave some of their mountain land to build the first Pentecostal church in the Mparo area. Deliverance Church, MCM’s church partner, is the”mother church” now of 9 other churches in the Kabale area! This visit Ivan’s Dad and I talked of the […]

60 Birthdays!

Greetings from Kabale, Uganda where we are still recovering from a HUGE birthday celebration for 60 MCM children! On Saturday July 5 several guardians from the village whose children are in the MCM program came to Ivan’s home early to prepare a BOATLOAD of food. The agenda included worship and prayer, a question and answer […]

Give Us This Day….

This morning the kids and I were up early as usual on weekdays getting everyone ready for school. The kids each take 4 slices of bread every day with peanut butter and eat one sandwich for breakfast then the second at break. This is a luxury Ivan allows when I am in Uganda as heaven […]

Getting Ready For A Party

We decided to have the children’s birthday party on Saturday, July 5. In a future post, I will tell you how the party went but in this entry, I wanted to share about some of the preparations that went into the party. I purchased small fun gifts for the children in the US but in […]

A New Day, A New Start

This week two girls who are in our program but who do not have sponsors yet came to the house early in the morning. They came to be escorted to and registered in school. Evelyn wore no shoes, no uniform and had no lunch with her that I could see. Rita wore the old uniform […]

A Self-Sustaining Memorial Day

Our goal for Mountain Children’s Ministry is that someday it is 50% (or more) self-sustaining. What this means technically is that the money sent to Uganda from the States only represents half of the budget necessary to run the organization. The greater meaning however is that MCM will not be dependant on the States to […]

Team CLEAN WATER Celebrates A Win!

I would like to tell you the story of a team of people who did not know one another but who came together for a small mountain Ugandan village to win clean water for them. Once upon a time there was a farming community that had one Artesian Well. It was located in the very […]

Trash or Treasure?

Today I received this photo of Verity, an unsponsored boy in our program. Ivan, the Executive Director of Mountain Childrens’ Ministry, took the picture as Verity left his home this afternoon. He was carrying bags of old, unwanted clothes, his new school uniform, a new pair of shoes and examination booklets. I suppose Ivan sent […]

Returned-Slightly Damaged

Sunday evening February 16 I returned from Uganda after about 27 hours of traveling. When I say “slightly damaged” I am referring to my heart. Oh! It is so difficult leaving those wonderful children of “mine” there. When I finally arrived in Chicago after a 5 hour layover in Detroit, I was tired but not […]

A Busy Week!

Banange! As they say in Luganda, “Wow!” This was a busy week!  Kind of made up for week one waiting around in Kampala. This week began on Sunday for us with the MCM Christmas party. The party preparations began the day before with lots of food being purchased in the market and the women of the […]