Two countries, one mission of love

Mountain Children’s Ministry is comprised of sister organizations in Uganda and the United States. Its ministry based in the rural mountain area of the Kabale District of southwest Uganda is focused on helping vulnerable children and families in rural Uganda by sharing the love of God through acts of love, generosity and encouragement.

Mpeirwe “Ivan” registered and certified Mountain Children’s Ministry in Uganda as a Community Based Organization with the Kabale District Council on May 17, 2013. As such it is part of a network of humanitarian organizations within Uganda. Ivan is the Executive Director of the Ugandan organization. The Ugandan MCM is partnered with Mparo Deliverance Pentacostal Church whose pastor serves on the organization’s board. A governing board of eight Ugandans from the Kabale area meet once a year to assist with guidance, planning and future direction and prayer for the ministry.

Michele Pageau established Mountain Children’s Ministry in the United States as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious and educational purposes. It provides financial and advisory support for the Ugandan ministry, with a primary focus on facilitating the sponsor-child relationship. She is the Director, serving with a five-member board located in the United States.

This formal structure enables us to be effective, but doesn’t adequately capture the intimate and hands-on caring and love that both Ivan and Michele feel and express toward each child.