Our Dairy

MCM began the dairy program with the generous gifts of two cows in 2019. Both cows produced two calves the first year and over 1075 liters of milk. The milk is sold to local villagers or given away to families in need.

Beckham’s Story

Beckham was sponsored along with his older sister Esther in 2014. Their family has suffered severe poverty, multiple illnesses and injuries but the most devastating news came in 2019 when Beckham’s two youngest siblings were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsey. The youngest, Blessed, was rushed to the hospital at 3 months old in critical condition and was admitted for over a month. His sister, Diana, at four years old could not walk so MCM took her for medical help as well. Both parents, Betty and Masiko were severely malnourished having given whatever meager food they gathered to their four children. MCM stepped in with a Social Worker and began getting the entire family the medical care, food and therapy needed.

Beckham, at only 11 years old, wanted to help too. Even though he lives more than two miles away he began to walk early in the mornings to the MCM cow shed and collect 2 liters of milk for his family every day. Up to this point they had been existing on a diet with little protein or calcium. After almost a year the milk has made a big difference in the family’s health. Blessed, now 12 months, is learning to sit up and Diana is walking! Both Betty and Masiko regained their health and resumed their farming. Beckham’s own confidence and esteem have grown too in helping his family. We thank God!

Milk builds hope!