Our Poultry

MCM began raising chickens in 2015. Chicks purchased immediately after hatching are raised to provide eggs or meat. 300 laying hens have produced as many as 200 eggs per day. In 2021 MCM increased our number of chicks to 500 with the construction of a larger hen house.

The Chicken President

Raising chickens is not a simple task. The baby chicks must be kept warm and carefully protected from cold drafts. They must have food and water available at all times. Caregivers must remain close to prevent chicks suffocating one another. As they grow the chicks require vaccinations, eyedrops and other veterinary care to ensure they remain healthy. Finally layers must be kept comfortable and feeling safe or they will stop laying altogether.

Before 2015 we did not know anything about chickens. One day while touring a nearby Kabale high school with students we happened to meet a teacher who introduced himself to us as “The Chicken President of Uganda!” Although we were laughing at first, he went on to say in all seriousness he actually was quite experienced and successful at Poultry Programs for self sustainability. This man volunteered to take MCM staff “under his wing” into his home (overnight!) for several days immediately after he himself had purchased new chicks. For months he continued to educate us on the subject of raising healthy hens.

Throughout our time in Kabale we have felt tangible care from God in the form of our fellow villagers who stepped up to assist us in all of our self sustainability efforts. We are so grateful!

…how often I have longed to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks together under her wings…Luke 13:34