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  • Birthdate: October 3, 2009
  • Gender: Girl
  • Class: Primary Seven, P. 7
  • School: Kihanga Girls Primary School
  • Guardians:Mildred Majambere (mother), Glory Kwarikunda (father)
  • Village: Ssindi
  • Interview: April 2021 (Ivan), April 2022 (ma)
  • Goal: Lawyer
  • Favorite subject in school: English
  • Favorite Bible Verse: Matt 5:4
  • Learned during COVID lockdown: to help those in need (& peel bananas!)
 **Bananas are cooked to create “matoke” (Mah – Toe – Kay) a food which tastes like mashed potatoes and is very filling (and cheap). Very large bunches of bananas are peeled when they are green, mashed, then cooked to create matoke.

Family History: Both Faith’s parents are peasant farmers who do not own land themselves. Although they work hard they cannot provide enough for school fees for their three children.



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