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Hellen 1.2024
  • Birthdate: 2013 (month and date – unknown)
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Primary Three, P.3
  • School: ChildAfrica Primary School (boarding)
  • Guardians: Hezekiah Turyagyenda (distant Uncle)
  • Village: Kibare
  • Interview: Jan 2024 (Michele & Ivan)
  • Goal: Nurse
  • Favorite subject: Science
  • Favorite Bible verse and story: Story of Christmas, the birth of Jesus

Family History: Hellen’s parents (father -Willy Muhwezi and mother -Evas Twikirize) separated awhile ago. Evas went back to stay with her mother (Annet Kyakunzire) along with her 3 young daughters- Grace, Hellen and Shinah. In 2023, Evas found another man who offered to marry her on condition she would leave her children and she accepted. Evas left the kids with their grandmother, Annet. Because she is old and could not feed nor care for them, one night Annet told the girls to pack up and go look for their mother. Annet told them their mother was not sending any help. Finding the three girls outside at night, a neighbor had compassion on them and offered they stay with her for a couple of days. When questioned by village leadership, Evas, along with her new husband refused to take them back and Annet also refused. Their (distantly related) Uncle Hezekiah offered to take them in as his own children as long as he gets help with food sometimes. Hezekiah is a teacher and has a wife and three young children of his own.

Hellen N.


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