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  • Birthdate: Dec. 16, 2008
  • Gender: Male
  • Class: Primary Seven, P.7
  • School: KBPS
  • Guardians: Jennifer Banaga (grandmother)
  • Village: Nyakarambi Village
  • Interview: June 2022
  • Goal: Judge
Family History: Kennedy’s mother (Annet Nantambi) died in 2014 from a neck tumor. His father (Herbert Baryabaho) then suffered a stroke in 2020 and cannot speak or move. Kennedy’s grandmother (Jennifer) has been taking care of Kennedy and his brother Mark (also in need of a sponsor with MCM) but has grown now frail, having back problems. Jennifer can no longer dig as she used to earn money for the boys’ school fees and food. The boys have one younger brother.

Kennedy T.


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