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  • Birthdate: April 29, 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Nursey middle (between “Baby and Kindergarten)
  • School: Kampikaho Memorial Primary School
  • Guardians: Hilda (grandmother)
  • Village: Kibaare
  • Interview: June 2022
  • Goal: Teacher
  • Favorite Bible story: None yet

Family History: Serena’s mother (Fortunate Kiconco) and father (Gideon Ayebare) broke up because of domestic violence the father was bringing upon the mother and child. Fortunate fled the village because Gideon got to the point of threatening to kill her and Serena .Gideon was put in jail and Serena was taken from him by the leaders and given to grandmother Hilda permanently. Hilda is a farmer but has older children who she is struggling to put through school and so cannot help Serena in any way with school fees.

Serena. A


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