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  • Birthdate: May 5, 2006
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Senior Two completed
  • School: Kihanga Secondary School
  • Guardians: Anne Kashemeire (maternal aunt), Immaculate Mbabazi (mum – deceased), Fidel Kato (dad – deceased)
  • Village: Shooko
  • Interview: December 2023
  • Goal: Nurse 

Family History:

Sylvia’s family once lived together with their parents in Mbarara about 3 hours from Kabale. Her mother died in 2015 after falling sick. Two years later Sylvia’s father died in 2017 in a road accident. After their father died, the children were found suffering, staying all by themselves in their house with no adult supervision or food.. At that time, Sylvia’s mother’s sister, Auntie Anne, went to Mbarara and took Sylvia home to live with her permanently. Her other siblings were taken by other relatives. Auntie Anne is a peasant farmer and makes too little to pay for Sylvia’s tuition fees.

Sylvia T.


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