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  • Birthdate: May 15, 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Primary One, P.1
  • School: KGPS
  • Guardians: Hope Migisha’s mum Besigye
  • Village: Rugarma
  • Interview: June 2022
  • Goal: Teacher
Family History: Besigye’s daughter, Hope, lived in the slums of Kampala near Vivian who was staying with an old Somali refugee in a dilapidated room. They were helpless. The older refugee then died leaving Vivian with no known relatives. Hope saw the child was alone and starving and took her in. Hope’s family was struggling in the slums themselves so Hope brought Vivian when she was four to our village to live with her mother, Besigye. Besigye says Vivian was so malnourished and thin the local hospital offered to give her supplements free of charge to save Vivian’s life because she was at the point of dying. Besigye says Vivian never fully recovered from that state and still is very thin showing signs of malnourishment.

Vivian M.


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