Morris's Story

When Morris was young his father fell sick and died. His Mum then left the village and also left  Morris behind with his grandmother. She never returned, marrying another man and abandoning her child. Morris’ grandmother looked after him until he was about 15 when her old age made it difficult to pay his school tuition fees. At that point Morris was accepted into MCM’s program. Morris was in Senior Two (like an American sophomore in high school).

Morris attended the local village school until he failed his Senior Four exams because of poor English. Without a good foundation in English, children will never succeed in school, as English  is the “trade language,” and all exams are in English. Because Morris did not attend school regularly with his grandma unable to pay all the tuition fees, his English was poor. At that point MCM  decided to put Morris into boarding secondary school so his English would be constantly  corrected, challenged and reinforced by everyone living there. Retaking Senior Four, his English improved three grades! He went on to A level and then from there onto Ugandan Martyrs University and became a Medical Records technician where he now works today!

Morris has been a very grateful MCM participant! He regularly comes to the offices and offers his help running errands or helping in any way he is able. Ivan also found Morris trustworthy for helping students who became sick and needed medications purchased or transporting students to school. He really helped and gave back to the  ministry however he could to show his gratitude! Now that he has graduated and has a job we will miss Morris!

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