Thanks so much for keeping me in your prayers! I have been in Uganda now for one week and I hope to be keeping you up to date on a weekly basis. Good Luck to me! Today we have had no power all day, of course. TIA! “This is Africa” So I am attempting the African way of doing things which is to compromise and make adjustments and Voila!

The plans we originally had for the first week went by the wayside due to the unexpected breakdown of the car. God was wonderful to us in the midst of the trouble. The wheel axel or the shaft or something that is required for the car to move forward and backward broke. It broke as we were pulling into a parking lot, not going fast on a highway, Yeah God! We were able to put the car in neutral and Ivan pushed it as I steered into a parking spot…lots of open spots in this lot that was surrounded by protective fencing and had a guard with a rifle marching around making us feel very safe, Yeah God! The mechanic that Ivan knows, uses and trusts was fairly close by and free to come by boda
(motorbike) with an apprentice, Yeah God! Isma was able to diagnose the problem quickly and made several trips to gather parts, which they had available, Yeah God! Then it took about 5-6 hours to fix it there in the parking lot as we sat on watching on a nice day, Yeah God! Finally it was done and the cost was very affordable and we were able to drive away safely before dark, Yeah Yeah God!

Now as wonderful as God was in all of this, the sweetest thing to me was the 5-6 hours of unexpected down time Ivan and I had together to talk about our plans for the week. During this “interruption” we decided to change our original plans and stay in Kampala a few more days this first week rather than cut our time short in Kabale in February.
We remain guests at Ivan’s parent’s home and the atmosphere has been at the same time godly, peaceful and rowdy (with 5 children living there between 7 yrs and 18 mos) It is my thought that God wanted me here to absorb this purely Ugandan lifestyle and learn more about the people, their patience, their culture and way of doing things.

This week I had dinner and a nice long visit reviewing the year’s high and low points with our old friends who are also sponsorship leads. Although we no longer serve together the idea sharing was wonderful. One thing I learned during this time was that the Ugandan government has recently instituted a law that requires that Children’s Homes across the nation begin the long, often painful and arduous process of placing their children in nuclear foster families. Much like the United States no longer has orphanages, Uganda will move into the future with foster care. This was so encouraging to Ivan and I as Mountain Children’s Ministry is already on target with our vision for foster care. Children in these institutions are well cared for physically but it is almost impossible to meet the emotional needs of many children with few adults. Older children often make poor decisions as they reach adulthood. We hope, as the Ugandan government also hopes, to reduce this trend.

Finally I met up with an American missionary friend here in Uganda. We were able to share our love for Uganda as well as our struggles and challenges. Although we cannot solve one another’s issues it was comforting to pray together and to have someone who really could relate. Prayer time and worship time continually remind me how blessed and thankful I am. We cannot see the entire solution but we can see the next step. God has kept His promise to be with us, faithfully and gently guiding and loving us, despite our failures.

The best part of this week has been the down time with Ivan’s family. Normally we are rushing in and rushing out. These extra few days, time for my little 2 yr old godchild Ruby Tendo to warm up to me, time to have quality visits on the bed with Jean and Mum and Twino, time to pray and worship, time to play, just time to live their lifestyle. No water today? No problem…just wait. No electricity today? No problem, pull out the candles and wait. We Americans are not wired to wait, least of all me but I am learning a new definition of productivity as my devotional said today, “Bring Me (God) the sacrifice of your time and watch to see how abundantly I bless you and your loved ones…Your part is to yield to My creative work in you, neither resisting nor trying to speed up…Enjoy the tempo of a God-breathed life by letting Me set the pace” Now I ask you, how perfect was that? God is so good!

Lastly thanking God that our little granddaughter Grace recognized me on Face Time today!! She actually reached for my face smiling!! Ahhh! A perfect end to a sweet week!

More to come from Kabale next week!

Thanks for the prayers and blessings to all