Four Suitcases

If I were to tell you the white suburban housewife in the picture above at the O’Hare International Terminal was going to fly overseas and be gone for 4 weeks, the 4 suitcases you see stacked up on her cart would make a lot of sense. After all, 4 weeks overseas! You need clothing options, plenty of shoes, maybe suntan lotion, etc. The problem is the person in that picture is my wife and she is headed off to Uganda and those aren’t your typical “stuff” filled suitcases for a long overseas holiday.

Those suitcases are a story in and of themselves. Michele goes to Uganda twice a year for 4 weeks but what it feels like around our house is that we (she) is getting ready for this trip all the time. In those suitcases are things like joy, hope, fun, education, food and health. The process for “getting ready for Uganda” ( as it is said around our house) is a constant process of finding discount clothes at Kohls, unbelievable “values” from Goodwill, toys, books, vitamins, peanut butter, games, computers and probably most importantly sponsor letters from our US sponsors for the kids that MCM supports in Kabale. I can assure you each of those suitcases has been packed and re-packed a MINIMUM of 4 times and that each of them weighs EXACTLY 50 lbs (the international maximum weight). They have been thought through, prayed for and agonized over because there are STILL 3 suitcases full of stuff at the house for the next trip!

I can’t always go on these trips so I don’t see the other side when those suitcases are opened and emptied. I know nothing makes my wife happier than to give and to make sure everyone has something. I am not sure how long she can keep this pace up but I put nothing past her. She is an awesome brave woman of God whose heart and passion are beyond words.

After they are emptied, those 4 suitcases will stay in Uganda and will serve as someone’s chest of drawers for the meager amount of things they have. And the little carry on next to her? THAT has what Michele will need for 4 weeks in Uganda!