From Family to Family

Well, I have arrived at the final countdown before leaving for Uganda tomorrow at 4:30 pm. I am all packed (sort of) and all ready to go (almost) and wanting to let you know I so appreciate your prayers! Please pray that I am in the center of God’s will and not wandering off somewhere, I tend to wander…short attention span. Thankfully, I may be wandering off but He is right there beside me. Please pray for safe, uneventful travel especially that I don’t have any trouble with my ear from the recent infection. Please pray for my friend Ivan who has the difficult job of trying to fit 6 months of catching up into 4 weeks. He will be in charge of the schedule and that is no fun. Pray that we both enjoy good health, safety on the roads, and ease in communication. For lots of fun memories with the children and guardians. That we are sharing God’s love and joy and peace as we go. Pray for our children and the children on the program; health and HOPE.

Okay, I just read that over and it sounds like a lot of prayers. Let’s just say if you are the type that loves to pray in the details, go for it! If not and you want me to to “net it out”, just pray, “Thank You!!” God has been so good! He has taken us on this journey and I already know that whatever happens it is perfect and I want to say Thanks! God Rocks!

The photo I selected for today’s blog is a photo taken last June following Ivan’s family reunion and blessing. I want you all to know that I am in VERY good hands! All ages and all so very loving to me. The fun and funny young ones, the wise and wonderful older ones, the children, the babies…all my family in Uganda. My HUGE blessings! These are not the people we minister to in Kabale, these are Ivan’s parents, brothers sisters, nieces and nephews. Actually I am even Ruby’s godmother, the daughter of the lady with her hand up, jumpin around, Susan, the sunshine sister. These warm people look past all my differences and genuinely make me feel embraced, included. I treasure their friendships and all that I have learned from being part of their family just as much as the ministry. They are so humble and godly, acting like Jesus. Inspiring! The relationships we have developed are precious to me. They are my God given rock and refuge there. I am most grateful for their love.

People often ask me if I am traveling to Uganda alone or with a group. I answer I travel alone but I always have to add that I stay with “my family” there, so I am never really alone. I honestly don’t think I could do it without them and their faithful prayer support. God knew what I would need before I did and He has supplied generously.

I will miss Grace and Mark and my family and friends of course. Four weeks can get long. But my joy in reuniting with everyone there will be FULL. Please pray for Mark. Ever faithful, supportive, and darling, he will be the alone one. So thankful for those of you who love on him too! And for Murphy our dog who as many of you know is, ummm, company? Ha!

God bless you all and keep you in the palm of His hand. He is with us! Amazing God!

much love to you all