A New Day, a New Start

This week two girls who are in our program but who do not have sponsors yet came to the house early in the morning. They came to be escorted to and registered in school. Evelyn wore no shoes, no uniform and had no lunch with her that I could see. Rita wore the old uniform we had given her earlier. Both are waiting to have the tailor sew new uniforms. They followed us silently down the mountain then down the dirt road to the school. I was wondering what they were thinking, first day of school and all. Certainly it is intimidating starting at a new school, much less, not wearing the proper uniform and barefoot. I remember going shopping with my Mom before school started every autumn, picking out my shoes and folders and supplies, backpack and lunchbox. Everything brand new, my favorite colors or cartoon characters, my name proudly labeling all. Don’t we take these little things for granted? I did. We entered the girls in school and off they went, happy just to be able to attend school. The next step for these girls will be for them to be fortunate enough to get a sponsor that will encourage them in their schoolwork. If you are already a sponsor of a child, thank you! If you are not, please consider partnering with MCM to help children like Rita and Evelyn get to a better spot in life!