MCM helps orphans and vulnerable children living within their nuclear “family” homes. Often these guardians are relatives; a widowed parent, a grand parent, aunt, uncle or family friend. These people are Rock Stars, really!

I enjoy visiting the children and their guardians in their homes. I like to go because I am interested in everything about these kids. Their living conditions are an important part of that. I also love meeting their families and these guardians who have said “yes” to (often) “caring for another man’s child”

When I visit these poor village farmers immediately I am welcomed warmly. Although they live in mud shacks and have little they invite me in, clear a space on the sparse chair and insist I sit in a place of honor often leaving them seated on the floor. Obushera is the local drink made of sorghum that is served as sorghum is grown there. Visitors beware, if obushera is fermented too long, you will find yourself partaking in an alcoholic beverage! During the time I sit there I am showered with gratitude! They cannot thank us enough for helping them to give their children an education. One put his hand on mine and said MCM had brought the entire village HOPE! How I wish our sponsors could be there and receive that gift! Please, Come!

Sometimes the children’s family or even the children themselves will proudly invite you to see their life on a broader scale. In this photo Kiiru the guardian of 2 girls sponsored by MCM, took us on a walk showing us his tobacco (planted on a 60 degree incline!) his goats, the tree where his son carved “God Cares 1982” and the view of our home across the valley. He walked ahead of me with Ivan explaining what he was trying to do to support the children through meager subsistence farming. The man had been a trucker and retired. Now in his 70’s finding himself fathering again he is farming. I’m telling you the man did not complain once! When I remarked how difficult farming on the steep incline must be, especially in the rain, he just laughed and laughed. Funny white lady!

In the distance ahead of Ivan and Kiiru you can see his wife waiting with another child they help. Then even further on the horizon a mountain to the right. That is where Ivan lives and where MCM is run from. In fact I think they are both looking at the view of his home in this photo. This lovely older gentleman has walked down his mountain and through the valley below and then up our mountain again to visit us many times and bring Ivan whatever he needs for the sponsorship program. This is not a long walk to him! More laughing from him when I suggested I would not be able to make it. One mountain is enough for me!

All this to try and share how awesome these guardians are! Such an example to those of us in the “later” season of our lives of what can be done with a lot of love and no complaining. Did I mention I am now there…the “later” season? Oh boy! Better save that for another blog!

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