Three little Bakigas

These three little ones are Butekumwa Village children. I photographed them along the road we were walking as we were going to the home of four children that we sponsor. Although dirty, shy, and uncertain about the Muzungu “white person” they still manage to shine; their joy, contagious. They are delightful these mountain children…they follow along behind you at a respectful distance and squeal with laughter if you should turn around and speak to them. Always willing to pose for a photo, amazed by the digital technology that allows them to see themselves immediately. When I show them their photos more squeals and laughter result, eyes glowing with curiousity.

One morning, my very first visit to Kabale, I got up early and walked to a nearby church with my journal. Pretty soon I was being followed by one then three then seven children walking along the same road to their school. They ran up alongside me then fell back jumping when I would look at them. So I started to sing. I thought that might ease their fears about how dangerous I may be. Do monsters sing? Sure enough one little girl, about 8 years old slipped up beside me and took my hand when I offered it. Smiling widely the others joined us and we walked together like that, singing familiar children’s church songs, until they had to turn off to the school.

Now I ask you, how can I but love these little ones so fresh from God? So full of joy although they have nothing? So innocent.

And how can I but do whatever is in my power to help provide for their empty tummies, future education and basics like clean water, shoes and medical care?

It’s not only that I cannot, I will not.

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